How We Work

Journalism Funding Partners takes a variety of approaches in our work to support and fund quality local journalism.

We’re interested in working with contributors of all kinds, from national and regional foundations to family and community foundations and individuals with an interest in helping to bring about local journalism projects. We welcome inquiries and questions from potential contributors, and go into more depth in the “Donor’’ button below.

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We work directly with newsrooms of all sizes and types to facilitate philanthropic relationships that would be helped by a non-profit organization’s involvement. We also put together partnerships of different regional news organizations to take on and help provide funding for journalism that spans more than one community or areas of topics. How we work with newsrooms is explained in more detail in the “Newsroom’’ button below.

JFP is committed to bringing standards to and an understanding of how philanthropy can play a role in informing communities. We place a strong emphasis on explaining and bringing transparency to the journalism we support. We go into more depth in our promise to readers and viewers in the “Public’ link below.

JFP is an independent, non-profit organization with our tax-exempt status approved by the IRS. JFP is run by volunteers from education, journalism, philanthropy and business and devotes the entirety of any contributions to funding the journalists we support.

Here are more details on what the groups we work with will want to know.

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